An ace up your sleeve


Where there are large concentrations of people or valuable material assets, ever greater efforts are being made to replace halogenated materials. In the case of fire, floorings and cable sheathing made from Levapren® can protect lives.


At a glance

  • Human life and valuable material assets are protected
  • High quantities of halogen-free flame retardants can be easily incorporated
  • Reduced smoke gas density: Escape routes remain visible for longer
  • Minimal formation of corrosive smoke gases due to halogen-free formulations


Levapren® is the material of choice wherever flame retardance has to be achieved. It presents the additional advantages of being halogen-free and of burning with non-corrosive emissions. Flame retardancy is achieved by adding high amounts of specialized fillers, such as aluminium hydroxide or magnesium hadroxide.

Based on small-scale laboratory flame tests, properly compounded Levapren® displays lower smoke evolution than competitive materials. Smoke evolution during an actual fire may impair visibility and obscure escape routes. By proper compounding FRNC materials complying even with DIN 4102/Fire Class B1 can be produced.(1)

The flame-retardant properties of Levapren® vulcanizates are not only affected by the amount and kind of filler in the compound, but also by the vinyl acetate content of the EVM grade used.

The higher the content of the vinyl acetate, the higher the limited oxygen index (LOI) of the resulting material and therefore the lower the flammability.