Crosslinking EVM polymers


Levapren® has a significantly higher resistance to UV light, ozone and aging reactions at high temperatures than conventional rubbers. These characteristics result from being fully saturated, i.e. double bond-free molecular backbone of the polymer.


At a glance

  • Insensitive to heat, UV light and ozone due to saturated molecular structure
  • Crosslinking using peroxides
  • Vulcanization under familiar conditions
  • Customized mechanical characteristics using suitable activators
  • ARLANXEO helps in the development of formulations


All the tried and tested methods used to crosslink other polymers with low double bond content are therefore ideal for optimal vulcanization of this polymer, e.g. using peroxides or high-energy radiation.

Levapren® can be vulcanized with organic peroxides under normal conditions, i.e. in presses, in saturated stream or in inert gasses under pressure and at temperatures above 160 °C. A wide range of tried-and-tested combinations of peroxides and activators can be used to produce the desired level of crosslinking and customized tensile strengths and elongations at break of the vulcanizate. With the wide-ranging expertise of an experienced synthetic rubber supplier, rubber experts at ARLANXEO help to select the best possible formulation for the optimal physical and electrical property profile and maximum service life.