The technical requirements for "under-the-hood" applications are becoming more and more demanding. Developers of seals and oil- and fuel hoses in the automotive industry are being challenged when developing new car models. For that, not only high temprérature and oil resistance are an important aspect, but also ozone resistance and an adaptable flame retardance.


At a glance

  • Good oil, weather and heat resistance
  • Temperature resistant up to 175 °C
  • Flame retardant properties achievable with halogen-free additives


Those properties then are also a challenge for the polymer that the automotive supplier uses for the above mentioned applications. Levapren® - due to its properties - satisfies those!

Thus, Levapren® is suitable for various automotive applications. Seals and hoses are products in which the oil and heat resistant speciality elastomer has special advantages.

Furthermore, Levapren® is UV, ozone and weather resistant and can be equipped with flame retardant properties since it accepts high quantities of fillers. Based on small-scale laboratory tests, products made of Levapren® may be formulated to meet governmental standards for opacity of smoke.