Cables and Levapren® a perfect team


Due to its polymerization process, Levapren® molecular weight is particularly widely distributed. That is why it is a gel-free product, which has a positive effect on the processability of the material and the quality of the end product such as the sensor cables.

Due to the high flame retardancy and the heat and fluid resistance of FRNC Levapren® vulcanizates, cables are one of the key applications of Levapren®. Many cables in buildings, ships and mass transit or rolling stock are made of FRNC Levapren® compounds.


At a glance

  • Levapren® tolerates the addition of large quantities of flame retardants
  • Can be compounded to meet or exceed governmental standards for fire classification, i. e., opacitiy of smoke and toxicity of burnt gases
  • Good heat and oil resistance
  • UV- and ozone-resistant
  • Can be pigmented as desired