LEVAPREN® Range & Supply form


Levapren® is available in a range of versions which have different vinyl acetate (VA) contents and viscosity levels. ARLANXEO has the ideal grade of Levapren® whatever the application may be.

As the synthetic rubber pioneer ARLANXEO is able to offer this unique quality of service as a result of experience gathered through decades of close and successful cooperation with its partners throughout the rubber processing industry. The fact that all Levapren® grades can also be easily mixed together further expands the range of formulation options. ARLANXEO is continually working to expand its product portfolio.

The numbers of the Levapren® nomenclature are used to differentiate the grades. The first two digits indicate the vinyl acetate content. Trial products are designated VP (VP= Versuchsprodukt in German). Some products are pre-crosslinked in a controlled manner in an additional process stage (XL grades).

At a glance

  • Ideal material available for many applications
  • VA content can be identified by the first two numbers of the product code
ProductVinyl acetate
content (%)
ML (1+4) 100 °C
Specific gravitySupply Form Packaging                                       
Levapren® 4004020 +/- 4approx. 0.98granules25 kg bags*(2) on pallet, 1000 kg net or Big Bag, 700 kg net
Levapren® 4504520 +/- 4approx. 0.99granules25 kg bags *(2) on pallet, 1000 kg net or  Big Bag, 600 kg net
Levapren® 5005027 +/- 4approx. 1.00granules25 kg bags *(2) on pallet, 1000 kg net
Levapren® 6006027 +/- 4approx. 1.04granules

25 kg bags *(2) in cardboard boxes on pallet, 1000 kg net

Levapren 650 VP*(3)6527 +/- 4approx. 1.05
Levapren® 7007027 +/- 4approx. 1.07
Levapren® 8008027 +/- 4approx. 1.11
Levapren® 9009038 +/- 6approx. 1.15

Trial products, precrosslinked

Levapren® 500 XL VP*(3) 5055 +/- 10approx. 1.00


25 kg polyethylene bags, in cardboard boxes on pallet, 750 kg net

Levapren 600 XL VP*(3)6055 +/- 10approx. 1.04
Levapren 700 XL VP*(3)7060 +/- 10approx. 1.07
Levapren 800 XL VP*(3)8055 +/- 10approx. 1.11

*( 1) ISO 289/ASTM D 1646

*(2) film based on EVA-Copolymer resin, melting point 93°C, film thickness 0,13 mm

*(3) Versuchsprodukt (Trial Product) 


All products are supplied as granules. Levapren® types 400-900 are standard packaged in 25 kg polyethylene bags** on pallet (1000kg net).
Levapren® XL is similar to the respective Levapren® type but have improved processing properties. Levapren® XL comes in 25 kg polyethylene bags*** in cardboard boxes on pallet (contents 750 kg).